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About CV

When your search for your dream job, the question „how to write  CV?“ arises. There are so many CV writing examples in the internet, so which one is the best?
At the moment Europass is the most popular CV form, which include all important information about candidate for employer.

You should not forget, that all specialisations are unique like each of us. So your CV must have some of your personality too. If you aply for secretery job, your CV should be strict, with all clerical rules. But if you search for a designer position, your CV will be totally different. Good CV examples can be found here: (

After you choose your CV design, you should add only important information for employer. But then new  questions comes to your mind:

1)      What to write if I don't have any work experience?
2)      Should I spice up facts about me?
3)      Should I write my marital status?
4)      How to write phone number, using : +370 or 8 ?
5)      Should I add my photo?
6)      What to write firstly: education or job expierience?
7)      How to write my job functions?
8)      Should I write all the seminars I attended to?
9)      What information about me should be highlighted ?
10)    Why is it important to write language skills in the table?
11)    What to write about my personal skills?
12)    How to write references?

Our personnel specialist will answer these and many other questions you might get and in addition:

•        Present common CV writting mistakes;
•        Will prepare interesting CV;
•        Will help you to write your job experience;
•        Will find strongest skills of your previous jobs;
•        Structurize all career inforamtion;
•        Will provide recomendations for CV designs;
•        Will help you to write unique CV!

About motivational letter

Usually employer requires CV with your motivational letter (ML). Why? Is it just fashion or does the employer want to get information from you?
What employer is looking in ML?

-Can you send the same ML to all employers?
-What employers firstly read - CV or ML?
-Why the date is needed in your ML?
-How to inform that I am possible to contact on certain hours (for example after work)?
-What ML information is most important for employer?
-What I shoudn't write in my ML?
-Does ML design matter?
-What to write in ML, if I don't meet all the requirements?

During our consultation, we will answer all these questions.

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We wish you best career posibilities and good job search start!

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